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Working With Those Wonderful Millennials

As a consultant, working with a number of large brokerage and support organization clients across the country, I have an opportunity to interact and collaborate with a dozen or so different staff structures on a wide range of projects that stretch from research, to development, to event planning and execution. Over the past few months […]

Do You Know What Your Real Estate Consumers are Reading?

A recent edition of this publication focused on a number of industry current trends and forces that, taken together, strongly support the idea that moving forward brokerages are going to have to take a much more activist position regarding the activities of their agents, most especially with respect to the quality and nature of the […]

If Your Firm Has A Story, Now Is the Time to Tell It

One of the most amazing business events of 2015 took place in Orlando, Florida in mid-October when over 2,500 of the most creative minds and imaginations in North American commerce gathered to conduct the annual Association of National Advertisers Masters of Marketing Conference. The meeting was alive with new ideas, old relationships and new challenges. […]

Real Estate Transactions Are Now On the Top of the Stress List

It may or may not come as a surprise to most real estate professionals that it is now public knowledge that, with respect to stress, participation in a real estate transaction is now on par with death, terminal disease, divorce, airline travel and computer repair. An article published in the October, 2015 edition of the […]

What Is The Deal With the Millennials?

Brokerages are currently being challenged in their efforts to capture a commanding share of what some in the industry are trying hard to classify as a “Millennial land rush.” The fact of the matter may be that the current situation may not constitute a land rush at all but rather a generation playing out its […]

T-3 Summit: Another Swanepoel Masterpiece

As everyone knows there is a plethora of industry conferences these days. Some serve as open markets for industry programs, products and services, while others serve as cultural gatherings for specific industry communities and yet others serve as destinations for those whose annual budgets provide for a wide range of discretionary travel. Each services the […]

Are You Harvesting Your Own Digital Disrupters?

Two events in the last month gave rise to the focus of this month’s article. The first involves a millennial generation fellow I have known for a considerable period of time, who is currently practicing law with a firm that represents large clients in the financial services industry. The second involves an X generation female […]

Brokers Should Take Advantage of the Big Consumer Trends of 2014

Last month’s Brokerage Design article advocated that brokers manage the consumer relationship as theirs to cherish, promote and add value to. It went on to point out that all too many residential real estate service providers were unaware that they were being targeted by digital disruption and that not only were these providers (read agents) […]

Is it time to Adjust Your Value Proposition Again?

The value propositions of real estate service providers (agents and brokers) have been the subject of extensive discussion over the past year. Some of that discussion revolved around the fact that today’s consumer has little or no idea relative to what services real estate agents actually deliver. There is a growing concern about the fact […]

Consumer Centric or Customer Friendly?

An often-heard criticism of traditional brokerage firms is that they are not inclined to be consumer centric. Given the fact that consumer centricity is not a traditional business policy or even a recognized value factor this may well be true. But one cannot help but wonder if this suggested lack of consumer centricity or sensitivity […]

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