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Can Blockchain Restore Trust in Real Estate Transactions?

SPOILER ALERT: RECON is NOT anti-real estate industry (this is included here as a matter of transparency, supported by verifiable relationships – more on that below).   Why are we even talking about trust in real estate transactions? In a poll of 1,147 adults, 67.5% of Americans reported that they do not trust real estate […]

Leadership During Turmoil: It’s a Whole New Skill Set

Volumes are being written and recited about the amazing dynamics of today’s North American residential real estate industry. While only historians will have the ultimate privilege of defining and designating the nature of the current industry environment it is highly likely that their choice of words will exceed turmoil. Leadership, vulnerability and survival are ideas […]

Now Is The Time For All Good People

I spent last weekend working with one of my favorite clients creating the perfect strategic brokerage business plan. She has been a franchised broker for over twenty years and, with her franchise agreement coming up for renewal in a few months. She was especially concerned that she might not have a sufficient understanding regarding the […]

Here Comes the Portal Agent

A recent program sponsored by the Texas Association of REALTORS® got right to the point. Real estate listing portals such as Zillow, Trulia and are not only here to stay, but are also fundamentally changing the real estate industry landscape. When the real estate industry talks about “the portal” (the first of the several […]

How Can You Even The Score? Digitize Your Brokerage’s Message and Style.

One of the real joys of being engaged with the real estate industry, at this particular moment in its history, is the opportunity to understand the course of the industry’s current migration while, at the same time, being able to identify the behaviors and adaptations that will allow certain of its present brokers and practitioners […]

Will You Get Bumped In The Tight Race For Real Estate Dominance?

It was really a great session. While the fog swept across the harbor in San Diego 35 industry executives from across the country spent the afternoon sharing and assessing the current realities of their markets. Area after area reported healthy increases in sales volumes and prices. Inventory figures sounded like science fiction stories and the […]

How Are We Doing? Dare You Ask?

It happened towards the end of a business lunch at a popular lunch spot. There it sat, hidden from view between a glass of Diet Pepsi and a bowl of salsa, a small printed note on a card in a plastic stand. A simple question; “How are we doing?” Every one at the table immediately […]

Are You Ready For the “Automated” FSBO?

It is spring, a time of new growth, new opportunity and new ideas. The setting was a five star ocean resort in Mexico. The event was the annual senior executive and management retreat for one of North America’s oldest and most successful real estate companies. The subject on the creatively designed printed agenda was simple; […]

We Need to Talk?

For many men, certainly those in the Boomer and Civic generations, there are no combination of words that bring so much terror as “we need to talk.” Statistically, almost nothing good ever came from this beginning. Quite the opposite, it generally means that some cherished bad habit or habitual behavior is about to be called […]

Where Do The Hysterics Come From?

It was by any standards a weird week. It started with the media coverage of Hurricane Irene. Hour after hour of dire and dreadful announcements, horrendous and horrific pronouncements and frightening and onerous representations by a news media that seemed to be trapped in a vocabulary of words and phrases chosen to drive public hysteria. […]

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