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Can Blockchain Restore Trust in Real Estate Transactions?

SPOILER ALERT: RECON is NOT anti-real estate industry (this is included here as a matter of transparency, supported by verifiable relationships – more on that below).   Why are we even talking about trust in real estate transactions? In a poll of 1,147 adults, 67.5% of Americans reported that they do not trust real estate […]

How will iBuyers Affect Traditional REALTORS?

iBuying is the process in which home sellers bypass traditional listing and sales practices, receiving in exchange both cash from a third-party investor and an accelerated closing schedule. For many home sellers over the last few decades, this iBuying concept has been the stuff of dreams – sweat dreams. For many real estate agents over […]

The Adoption Challenge

For years now visionaries have been saying things like ‘change is coming’, ‘this is a new day’, ‘get on board or be left behind’. Rather than jump on board, the common human response is to challenge the speaker: What does he know? Who does she think she is? I haven’t felt anything like that yet. […]

Those Spring Weather Patterns Have Appeared

Each December various industry thought leaders issue their predictions with respect to what is in store for the industry over the next year. Generally speaking only about 47% of these predictions end up being even close to true. A much safer bet for the predictor is to wait until March, see what is actually in […]

If Your Firm Has A Story, Now Is the Time to Tell It

One of the most amazing business events of 2015 took place in Orlando, Florida in mid-October when over 2,500 of the most creative minds and imaginations in North American commerce gathered to conduct the annual Association of National Advertisers Masters of Marketing Conference. The meeting was alive with new ideas, old relationships and new challenges. […]

What Is The Deal With the Millennials?

Brokerages are currently being challenged in their efforts to capture a commanding share of what some in the industry are trying hard to classify as a “Millennial land rush.” The fact of the matter may be that the current situation may not constitute a land rush at all but rather a generation playing out its […]

The Fine Art of Due Diligence

On June 24th of this year the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) proposed a two-month extension of the effective date of its “Know Before You Owe” mortgage rules. The proposal, if approved by the agency’s internal processes, will extent the effective date of the rules to Saturday, October 3rd. The rules, also known as the […]

Experiencing the Real Estate Master’s Event

The “Master’s” golf tournament held each year in early April is, without doubt, the premier golfing event of the year. Its legacy and traditions in many ways define the very game of golf. The American residential real estate industry also sponsors a defining “Master’s” level event. It is known as the “Gathering of Eagles” (Sometimes […]

What’s in a Portmanteau?

It has been 90 days or so since Spencer Rascoff and Stan Humphries of the Zillow Group released their book; Zillow Talk. Published by Grand Central Publishing, the volume carries the subtitle The New Rules of Real Estate. One cannot help but observe that there has been a lack of buzz and discussion across the […]

Warren Buffet is a Great Read

The explosive developments within the American real estate industry over the past several years have produced remarkable opportunities, some significant threats, exciting new directions, astounding knowledge, and some really impressive insights. These developments have been brought into the industry by some remarkably competent minds that have, to our everlasting benefit, undertaken to share their experiences, […]

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