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An Exciting New Tool to Use to Create Perfect Brokerage Standards and Consumer Experiences

Over the past two years virtually every sector of the American business community has been struggling to come to grips with the emerging concepts of the creating and applying product and service value propositions. This focus can be attributed to the emergence of the value proposition as the ultimate consumer evaluation tool, along with increased […]

Inman Connect: Envisioning Tomorrow – Not Your Same Old Future

Inman Connect in San Francisco is the industry’s biggest and splashiest showcase for the latest and greatest in real estate technologies and practices, and it just keeps getting better. Over the past two decades an amazingly long list of the game-changing real estate technologies, management practices and productivity products, which are currently impacting the American […]

Do You Know What Your Real Estate Consumers are Reading?

A recent edition of this publication focused on a number of industry current trends and forces that, taken together, strongly support the idea that moving forward brokerages are going to have to take a much more activist position regarding the activities of their agents, most especially with respect to the quality and nature of the […]

Avoiding Secondary Disruption With Strategic Design

A significant number of past commentaries from this column have discussed the various aspects of digital disruption both from the perspective of being and disrupter and being disrupted. The fact is that disruption is a primary factor affecting almost every aspect of the current brokerage scene. Most compelling brokerages are either in the process of […]

Stand By For Position RPR Verification

Last month we reviewed the down to earth business intelligence and guidance provided to the brokerage community by a recent series of industry conferences renown for the depth of their research and the accuracy of their presentations. In preparation for this month’s information you are requested to immediately climb to 55,000 feet for a more […]

Is Your Firm Engaging The New Status Quo?

Like many business, cultural, sporting, academic, and social activities there is a season for real estate industry update and status conferences. During the disclosure season each of these events adds just a bit more clarity to the ultimate question; what is new regarding real estate brokerage and marketing operations? With the adjournment of last week’s […]

Your Business Plan Should Be A Strategic Spring Board, Not a Dynamic Anchor

Today’s real estate industry is awash in new strategies. Franchises, brokerages, Multiple Listing Services and professional associations are all using “strategic’ as their new magic word. Some of these strategies represent bold and innovative steps into a new and exciting future. Others unfortunately are just updates and recasts of what their sponsoring organization has always […]

Are You Prepared to Launch Your Flight to Quality?

It is at best a bizarre situation. As this article is being prepared the American residential real estate industry is but 213 days from an event that many experts believe may be the industry’s seminal moment for the decade. The centerpiece and stimulus for all of this activity is the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). […]

Were They Dancing or Trembling in New Orleans?

The National Association of REALTORS® held their annual business meeting in New Orleans in November. It was the latest in a century of meeting opportunities for the industry’s leaders, decision makers and groupies. The REALTOR® culture was alive with legacy and tradition. But for the real estate brokerage community this 2014 NAR Annual Meeting was […]

Digital Disruption Will Soon Be Touching A Brokerage Very Near To You

Earlier this month the Inman News organization published an article about real estate industry mergers and acquisitions that was both informative and even a bit entertaining. The piece, entitled Real Estate M&A: You ain’t seen nothing yet, started out by discussing several recent mergers and/or acquisitions such as Zillow purchase of Trulia, Realogy’s purchase of […]

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