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Houston: We Have Convergence, Man Your Battle Stations and Stand by for Collision

It is hard to imagine that just last month this column asked a simple question about Off MLS marketing practices: “convergence or Unintended Consequences.” Looking back, one wonders whether it was possible to be so naïve as to doubt whether or not respected participants in the American real estate industry would actually undertake to disrupt […]

Regulatory Compliance: An Essential Skill Set For the New Business Model

The North American real estate industry has, for many years, been quite fortunate relative to regulation. Despite its relative size in terms of the number of licensees, the dollar volume of its gross product and the significant impact its services can have on large numbers of consumer households, regulation of the industry over the past […]

Are You Prepared to Run the CFPB Gauntlet?

Democracy is such a predictable condition. That predictability is now poised to create a potential nightmare in the American real estate marketplace. This article will spend what might appear to be an inappropriate amount of time on the background of this situation but believe me – this is stuff you need to know. The process […]

Are You About to Be CFPBoed?

The announcement cracked like a lightening bolt heard around the nation. In an announcement that read more like a declaration of war than a press release the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau (CFPB) had just announced that it was considering expanding its already uncertain jurisdiction to the consumer credit reporting industry. So what is this not […]

Off MLS Marketing: From Pocket Listing To Industry Tsunami

A seller retains an agent to sell a property and a listing agreement is executed. If it is a classic “Exclusive Right to Sell Agreement”, the broker has already executed a MLS subscriber document specifying that, unless certain conditions are met, the listing will be entered into the MLS within 48 hours, the agent will […]

What Has the Industry Learned From Keller Williams?

They call it Family Reunion and for 2013 it was Dallas, Texas that played host to over 11,000 raving Keller Williams Real Estate participants from all over North America and nine overseas markets who gathered to celebrate the company’s 30th birthday party. For those who made an appearance at CEO Mark Willis’s State of the […]

Innovation Connection Room Assignment

Innovation Connection (ICON), scheduled for Thursday, November 12, 2009, will be held at the Hilton San Diego Bayfront, Aqua Room 304. Our thanks to the National Association of REALTORS for  providing us with this location. Jeremy Conaway will facilitate the meeting again this year. Elected Leadership of REALTOR Associations, who are pre-registered for this event, […]

REALTORS and The Chaos Scenario

Bob Garfield’s The Chaos Scenario will impact REALTORS. Very few Brokerages or Associations are ready for this cultural shift.  Click on the play button, below, for a brief overview of the concept.

Where Can I get technographics?

Charlene Li, and Forrester Research, continue to track Technographics. Give this a test drive by selecting age, location and gender. This provides data on how your customers and members use social computing. Once you see the information, act on it and reap the benefits.

REALTOR Association Innovation

One of the most exciting moments in last week’s NAR Leadership Summit program was CEO Dale Stinton’s announcement of the new Game Changer Program.  In his comments Dale said “there is an urgent need for innovative approaches and solutions to current association management challenges.” Under the terms of the program all REALTOR® associations are eligible […]

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