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Annual REALTOR AE Compensation Survey for 2017 is available until September 7

AEs can find out how their compensation package compares to peers, at no charge, by participating in the Annul RECON Intelligence Services REALTOR AE Compensation Survey.  This project is a pubic service of RECON Intelligence Services, as part of our regular practice of co-opetition – associations helping other non-competing associations. ONLY REALTOR AEs may participate and […]

Those Spring Weather Patterns Have Appeared

Each December various industry thought leaders issue their predictions with respect to what is in store for the industry over the next year. Generally speaking only about 47% of these predictions end up being even close to true. A much safer bet for the predictor is to wait until March, see what is actually in […]

Digital Disruption Prepares to Strike Again

No less than five issues of this column in 2015 raised concerns and awareness regarding the continuing march of digital disruption across the industry’s landscape. With that in mind it is with mixed emotions that we start out 2016 with yet another example of how digital disruption has already or will, over the short-term future, […]

T-3 Summit: Another Swanepoel Masterpiece

As everyone knows there is a plethora of industry conferences these days. Some serve as open markets for industry programs, products and services, while others serve as cultural gatherings for specific industry communities and yet others serve as destinations for those whose annual budgets provide for a wide range of discretionary travel. Each services the […]

Are You Ready to Become a Predictive Farmer?

The 2015 NAR Annual Meeting in New Orleans was, at many levels, a far different experience than any of its century of predecessors. There was a clear and consistent vibe that after all of the years of talking about transition and disruption that the long predicted tsunami of change had indeed arrived to create something […]

Were They Dancing or Trembling in New Orleans?

The National Association of REALTORS® held their annual business meeting in New Orleans in November. It was the latest in a century of meeting opportunities for the industry’s leaders, decision makers and groupies. The REALTOR® culture was alive with legacy and tradition. But for the real estate brokerage community this 2014 NAR Annual Meeting was […]

2014 REALTOR AE Compensation Survey Invitation

All REALTOR® AEs are welcome and encouraged to take our 2014 REALTOR® AE Compensation Survey. The survey is currently available, and will continue to be open until Monday October 13th. To take the survey, go to:   The survey is optimized for computers, tablets and smart phones.

Houston: We Have Convergence, Man Your Battle Stations and Stand by for Collision

It is hard to imagine that just last month this column asked a simple question about Off MLS marketing practices: “convergence or Unintended Consequences.” Looking back, one wonders whether it was possible to be so naïve as to doubt whether or not respected participants in the American real estate industry would actually undertake to disrupt […]

Are You Prepared to Run the CFPB Gauntlet?

Democracy is such a predictable condition. That predictability is now poised to create a potential nightmare in the American real estate marketplace. This article will spend what might appear to be an inappropriate amount of time on the background of this situation but believe me – this is stuff you need to know. The process […]

The Keystone Cops Needed the Work

It was almost as if all the other things happening in the industry these days weren’t enough to capture everyone’s attention. Apparently some were searching for just one more things to fixate on. Craig Cheatham, President and CEO of the Realty Alliance, apparently provided that opportunity when, on October 4th, as a participant in a […]

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