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An Exciting New Tool to Use to Create Perfect Brokerage Standards and Consumer Experiences

Over the past two years virtually every sector of the American business community has been struggling to come to grips with the emerging concepts of the creating and applying product and service value propositions. This focus can be attributed to the emergence of the value proposition as the ultimate consumer evaluation tool, along with increased […]

An Experience Named Eric

Many industry decision makers and leaders believe that the challenge of the century for the contemporary American real estate industry will be its willingness and ability to create and deliver a real estate transactional experience that meets the needs and expectations of the broker, the buyer, and the seller. Over the past years this column […]

The Potential Perils of Being Out of Control

The American residential real estate industry is currently going through a quiet but particularly dramatic phase of its contemporary history. Brought about by the now almost two year old announcement by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau that, effective August 1, 2015, it would be developing and enforcing a new set of lender mortgage disclosure and […]

T-3 Summit: Another Swanepoel Masterpiece

As everyone knows there is a plethora of industry conferences these days. Some serve as open markets for industry programs, products and services, while others serve as cultural gatherings for specific industry communities and yet others serve as destinations for those whose annual budgets provide for a wide range of discretionary travel. Each services the […]

Off MLS Marketing: From Pocket Listing To Industry Tsunami

A seller retains an agent to sell a property and a listing agreement is executed. If it is a classic “Exclusive Right to Sell Agreement”, the broker has already executed a MLS subscriber document specifying that, unless certain conditions are met, the listing will be entered into the MLS within 48 hours, the agent will […]

How Can You Even The Score? Digitize Your Brokerage’s Message and Style.

One of the real joys of being engaged with the real estate industry, at this particular moment in its history, is the opportunity to understand the course of the industry’s current migration while, at the same time, being able to identify the behaviors and adaptations that will allow certain of its present brokers and practitioners […]

Sure You Can Aggregate It, But Can You Distribute It?

One of the joys of my world is to encounter the similarities of opportunity and challenge facing clients within the three industries in which we are currently engaged. Our thoughts trace back to a recent meeting in the Wexford County Road Commission garage in central Michigan. In attendance were twenty some county road superintendents each […]

Apps and Naps: Defining the REALTOR® Future

This is a time of challenge for all Americans.  We live in a environment ravaged by a recession that seems to defy recovery, made confusing by a global economy that seems to take as much as it gives, a generational mash-up that seems to defy compromise, and a tsunami of knowledge that keeps us in […]

Why MOR works with Jeremy Conaway and RECON Intelligence Services

As an association of just over 600 members, we have been a client of RECON Intelligence Services since 2002.  We were not without our skeptics in that selection process, but we had visionary leadership who understood that if we wanted to not only keep our association relevant but develop it to its full potential that we […]

REALTOR Association Innovation

One of the most exciting moments in last week’s NAR Leadership Summit program was CEO Dale Stinton’s announcement of the new Game Changer Program.  In his comments Dale said “there is an urgent need for innovative approaches and solutions to current association management challenges.” Under the terms of the program all REALTOR® associations are eligible […]

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