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Can Blockchain Restore Trust in Real Estate Transactions?

SPOILER ALERT: RECON is NOT anti-real estate industry (this is included here as a matter of transparency, supported by verifiable relationships – more on that below).   Why are we even talking about trust in real estate transactions? In a poll of 1,147 adults, 67.5% of Americans reported that they do not trust real estate […]

Working With Those Wonderful Millennials

As a consultant, working with a number of large brokerage and support organization clients across the country, I have an opportunity to interact and collaborate with a dozen or so different staff structures on a wide range of projects that stretch from research, to development, to event planning and execution. Over the past few months […]

An Experience Named Eric

Many industry decision makers and leaders believe that the challenge of the century for the contemporary American real estate industry will be its willingness and ability to create and deliver a real estate transactional experience that meets the needs and expectations of the broker, the buyer, and the seller. Over the past years this column […]

Management Migration: A Sign of the Times

The conclusion of the industry’s recent round of summer presentations and articles provides an opportunity for reflection and consideration regarding what lies ahead for fall and winter. As has been the case for the past few years, increasingly dramatic transformation continues to occur. Issues regarding the control and processing of listings and other real estate […]

T-3 Summit: Another Swanepoel Masterpiece

As everyone knows there is a plethora of industry conferences these days. Some serve as open markets for industry programs, products and services, while others serve as cultural gatherings for specific industry communities and yet others serve as destinations for those whose annual budgets provide for a wide range of discretionary travel. Each services the […]

Convergence: Driving Positive Energy and Outcomes From Knowledgeable Leadership

Convergence is the term applied to what happens when two significantly powerful real estate industry forces come together in a defined space and create a new energy or reality. A coupling or convergence process might be coincidental such as the current convergence between the forces of consumer centricity and the fast growing emphasis on brokerage […]

2014 REALTOR AE Compensation Survey Invitation

All REALTOR® AEs are welcome and encouraged to take our 2014 REALTOR® AE Compensation Survey. The survey is currently available, and will continue to be open until Monday October 13th. To take the survey, go to: https://www.surveygizmo.com/s3/1736068/REALTOR-Association-Executive-Compensation-Survey-2014-RECON   The survey is optimized for computers, tablets and smart phones.

Envisioning the Consumer Centric Agent

The spring industry meetings of 2014 provided a rich insight into the industry’s thinking on a number of critical issues. The subjects of off MLS marketing practices, mergers and acquisitions, the vibrating MLS, the specter of increased regulation, the oscillating portals, visions of profitability, the continuing emergence of the empowered consumer, changes in the brokerage […]

It is About the Transaction, Not the Maginot Line

Over the past few years the industry has been fully engaged in a battle over the ownership and control of listing data. Each month the conflict has grown more combative and intense. At the present time both lives and fortunes are being invested by industry players who are incorrectly being advised that listing data flow […]

Now Is The Time For All Good People

I spent last weekend working with one of my favorite clients creating the perfect strategic brokerage business plan. She has been a franchised broker for over twenty years and, with her franchise agreement coming up for renewal in a few months. She was especially concerned that she might not have a sufficient understanding regarding the […]

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