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What is RECON Intelligence Services (RECON)?

RECON is an internationally recognized consulting firm, dedicated to providing business planning, research, design, training and support services to real estate brokerages, REALTOR® associations (local, state and national), multiple listing services, and other organizations.

Over twenty years ago, our President, Jeremy Conaway, started RECON with a passion to see real estate professionals transform their industry and realize their optimal value proposition. Today we are privileged to work alongside brokers, agents and association leadership and staff, in organizations of many sizes, from coast to coast, including Canada; as they seek to accomplish their missions of customer service and sound financial management.

The team at RECON provides organizational analysis from many angles, with specialists in research, planning, strategy, financial analysis, human resources, survey development and implementation, marketing and leadership development.

What makes Jeremy unique?

Throughout the year, Jeremy keynotes scores of conferences, facilitates dozens of annual planning retreats, and works alongside hundreds of industry leaders as they strive to achieve their visions. Practically every day he is immersed in real, current issues related to management challenges in the real estate industry. He is nationally known for his 60,000-foot view of the real estate industry: where we have been, who we are now, and what lies over the horizon. He is also very able to focus on ground-level details in order to accomplish organizational goals.

Unlike some circuit speakers, Jeremy never uses canned, antiquated presentations. Every presentation is uniquely created to deliver on your identified goals, using the most up-to-date information, salted with top-notch analysis, and delivered with an energy that is infectious. Jeremy consistently rates very high by both attendees and sponsors, for content and delivery.

Jeremy’s monthly articles are published in dozens of Association newsletters that are distributed in every region of the United States, and viewed online around the world. He is also a Contributing Editor for Real Trends.

Why are Brokers an integral part of the Real Estate Process?

While your real estate agent is the face you most often see as you navigate the real estate transaction, good Brokers provide background support to enable a smooth and successful transaction. From ongoing training to clerical support, listing access to information hubs, the Broker’s office should be a value added component of your experience.

In today’s market, leading Brokers are seeking to meet changing consumer expectations with a variety of services (online and face-to-face) that not only satisfy, but even exceed consumer expectations. As expectations increase, the bar rises, and the process continues.

Why are Associations an integral part of the Real Estate Process?

The federal government, and each state government, write and enforce laws about many aspects of the real estate transaction. Some examples include: Fair Housing, the Mortgage Process, Escrow Transactions, Liability, Liens and Encumbrances, Property Rights, Licensing, Contracts, Advertising, and Insurance. These laws change; in some cases year-to-year. The Association is a resource for all its members, tracking these changes, and responding with announcements and training as needed.

Many Associations work closely with MLS (Multiple Lead Services) management to assure that the information pipeline stays open, accurate and current.

In best-case situations, the association provides services to their REALTOR members that are far more efficient than having each REALTOR do the work themselves.

Finally, each Association can be the catalyst for the recognition of their community’s identity, resources, values and opportunities.

What types of practices does RECON Intelligence Services encourage for Brokers?

Brokerages can provide a wide range of value added services. In order to continue serving their agents and customers, brokerages need to use their resources to sustain a fair return on their investment of equipment and time. This is usually recognized as profit.

RECON refines business activities to provide for a customer experience founded upon transparency, simplicity, integrity, speed and collaboration. Through our work we encourage innovation, customization and consumer-centrality.

RECON helps brokerages: identify their key priorities, strengthen areas of relative weakness, develop plans to achieve the brokerages unique goals, and identify ways to sustain and further develop these services.

What types of practices does RECON Intelligence Services encourage for Associations?

RECON works with Associations to build their optimal future, promote accountability, raise up future leaders, and continue to develop services that promote membership value.

Each Association exists to serve its members. This service must be based on the needs and hopes expressed by today’s members, not a list created to satisfy the membership of 40 years ago.

Many of the best associations are reevaluating their service offerings each year, affirming those that are found to be valuable, and modifying or eliminating those that are seen as resource hogs and time wasters.

RECON helps association leadership to identify how they can make timely, unique and valuable contributions during their terms of service, while avoiding what, in other situations, would appear to be an endless drain on volunteer time and energy.

How can I submit a question that is not covered in these FAQs?

You are welcome to give us a call at 231.938.7326 or e-mail inquire@reconis.com. If your question would have a broader audience, we will include it here on this site. It may even be the seed for a future blog post.

How can I connect with RECON?

Jeremy participates in many events around the country. When you see him, please take the time to say hello.

If you would like to arrange a face-to-face visit, or a conference call, to discuss your organization’s needs and hopes, please do let us know. We will find a time that works well for you.

If you would like to schedule Jeremy for your next retreat, conference, or leadership meeting, please fill us in on the date(s) that you are considering. Generally we book about 3 to 6 months in advance.

If your organization could use some help in fulfilling your vision, and you, yourself, are in a position to support the process, don’t let another month go by. Contact us today at 231.938.7326 or chuck.curtiss@reconis.com.

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